Update the symptoms of the latest ‘Samut Sakhon Governor’ did not reach the lung change stage. There is still hope

January 29, 2021


“Assoc. Prof. Nitipat” Update symptoms “Mr. Weerasak Wichit Sangsri, “Samut Sakhon’s governor said there was still hope. The respiratory system slightly raised. Not even an organ change

On January 29, 64 Assoc. Prof. Nithipat Chearakul, Head of the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Tuberculosis. Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Update the latest symptoms of Mr. Weerasak Wichit Sangsri Samut Sakhon Governor After being infected with COVID-19

By Assoc. Prof. Nithipat Revealed through Facebook, stating that the overall situation of the father of Muang Sakorn today There is a slight improvement in the respiratory system. The people who were waiting to continue to have hope

The night before going to bed Called the doctors on duty about the symptoms of COVID-critical patients in all four cases, all of which were still good. For Father Muang Sakorn Although quite a lot of anesthesia is still required to help the breathing process go smoothly. But signs of gas exchange in the lungs have been increased, but there is a decrease in lung X-rays.

The working part of the organs Still going well This morning woke up earlier than usual because the dream at dawn is linked to the symptoms of the Governor. But can’t remember the details exactly Hopefully what will happen next to you will be the way you are. In particular, doctors gave drugs to help repair some of the lungs that have been worn by COVID, or, if most, even better.

As for lung transplantation, it is not currently planned. Therefore, those who issued the news that they would donate lungs to the governor would not be necessary. Importantly, human lungs cannot be cut on one side, donated to others like a kidney replacement.

I remember mentioning another critically ill person from COVID who had been using artificial lungs and heart machines for a while. There is no sign that the lungs will recover. Plus, complications from acute renal failure and coagulation system failure made it worse.

After trying to fix it in every way Finally, the doctors and their relatives came to the conclusion that it will stop futile treatment to avoid unnecessary suffering and waste of health resources. What all human beings are equal and cannot be inequality is birth, sickness, and death.


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