UPDATE. Bad weather orange code in Timiș. Storms and hail are expected

The meteorological warning issued by ANM is valid from Wednesday, at 22:40, until Thursday, at 24, in Timiș and Arad counties.

photo credit: msnweather.com

Timis county: Timișoara, Recaș, Săcălaz, Giarmata, Ghiroda, Peciu Nou, Sânandrei, Satchinez, Orțișoara, Giroc, Moșnița Nouă, Sânmihaiu Român, Topolovățu Mare, Cenei, Pișchia, Uivar, Dumbrăvița, Becicherecu Mic, Mareş Noi, Checea, Fibiș, Bucovăț, Brestovăț, Bogda;

Arad County: Arad, Lipova, Șiria, Vladimirescu, Pâncota, Vinga, Zimandu Nou, Zăbrani, Ghioroc, Șagu, Fântânele, Livada, Felnac, Iratoșu, Covăsinț, Șofronea, Păuliș, Zădăreni, Frumușeni, Șiștarovăț.

During this interval, according to the National Meteorological Administration, there will be: medium and possibly large hail, storms with gusts that will exceed 60..70 km / h, frequent electrical discharges and torrential downpours that will accumulate 25 – 35 l / mp.

The orange code can be extended if the situation requires it.

Those living in the targeted areas also received a RoAlert message.

Following the meteorological warning, ISU Timiș ordered “the activation of the operative group within the County Operational Center at the inspectorate’s headquarters; pre-alert of all intervention subunits and preparation of the equipment, notification of the authorities within the territorial administrative units covered by the orange code, transmission of a warning through the RoAlert system to the population in the areas covered by the warnings ”.


The people from ISU Timiș remind people that it is important to follow some essential measures in order not to endanger their lives:

Follow these rules:

  • Interrupt any outdoor activity.
  • He enters a house, a building or a car. Although you may be injured if lightning strikes the car, you are much more protected inside the vehicle than outside.
  • Close windows and doors tightly.
  • Avoid using water and showers or bathrooms. Water and plumbing can cause electric shock (lightning, short circuit).
  • Use cordless phones only in emergencies. Cordless phones or cell phones are safe to use.
  • Unplug appliances and other electrical equipment (TVs, computers, air conditioners, etc.). They can be damaged as a result of electric shock.

During the event:

  • If you are in an open area (field, beach, water boat), squat, put your hands on your ears and head, and your head between your knees.
  • Set yourself a goal as low as possible and reduce your contact with the ground as much as you can. Don’t lie on the ground!
  • Avoid: tall objects, such as a tall isolated tree in an open area, fields, beaches or a water boat, any metal objects such as agricultural machinery, farm equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
  • If you are in the woods, look for shelter in an area with lower trees.
  • If you are in an open area, go to a low area, such as a valley.
  • If you are on a lake, get to the shore immediately and take cover immediately.
  • Avoid flooded roads (walking, driving)! A stream of water only 15 cm deep can unbalance you, and a depth of more than 30 cm can take a car “, say the people from ISU.

UPDATE. Code orange has been extended

The weather warning was extended until 1 p.m.

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In Timiș they are targeted: Timișoara, Lugoj, Jimbolia, Recaș, Făget, Variaș, Săcălaz, Giarmata, Lenauheim, Ghiroda, Peciu Nou, Cărpiniș, Sânandrei, Comloșu Mare, Satchinez, Orțișoara, Giroc, Moșnița Nouă, Sânmihaiu Român, Teremia Mare Lovrin, Biled, Gavojdia, Topolovățu Mare, Cenei, Belinț, Darova, Pişchia, Bethausen, Victor Vlad Delamarina, Dumbrava, Uivar, Șandra, Boldur, Traian Vuia, Dumbrăvița, Becicherecu Mic, Iecea Mare, Mașloc, Dudeștii Noi, Fârdea, Gottlob , Pesac, Remetea Mare, Balinț, Checea, Criciova, Mănăștiur, Bârna, Fibiș, Știuca, Ohaba Lungă, Bucovăț, Ghizela, Brestovăț, Bogda, Bara, Secaș.

“It will be signaled: medium and possibly large hail, storms with gusts that will exceed 65..80 km / h, frequent electric discharges, torrential showers that will accumulate 25-35 l / sqm”, the ANM representatives transmit.

The video was sent to us by the readers of Tion, whom we thank in this way. If you also caught images that can become news, you can send them on our Facebook page or at [email protected]

UPDATE 2. Roof taken by wind and fallen trees on the road, in Timișoara

With the storm, the military firefighters from Timișoara started to receive notifications with the problems that appeared. On Lacului Street, the wind took over a roof, and on Corbului Street a tree fell in the middle of the road.

photo: Facebook / InfoTrafic Timiș County

On Timocului Street, the wind also knocked down a tree in the middle of the road. Firefighters monitor the situation on the ground and are ready to intervene in case of need.

The orange code was extended until 2 o’clock, but only for the localities: Lugoj, Recaș, Buziaș, Făget, Deta, Gătaia, Coșteiu, Nădrag, Liebling, Jamu Mare, Racovița, Gavojdia, Denta, Topolovățu Mare, Belinț.

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