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“Maintenance of the stands is necessary, but only in the long term. At the moment there is no need to close the grandstand,” said a spokeswoman for the municipality of Arnhem. The spokeswoman confirms reporting from the Gelderlander that the municipality has received a letter from stadium owner Nedstede that there are hairline cracks in the stands. “That’s not new, it was announced a while ago. We have received the letter and will answer it properly.”

Vitesse joined in. “The safety of the South Tribune can be guaranteed, as recently also emerged from research into the constructive safety of the stadium. Inquiries with the Municipality of Arnhem and the Arnhem Region Environment Service (ODRA) have also confirmed that the South Tribune can be used safely,” the club from Arnhem said.

Downstairs laid boom

Gelredome owner Nedstede put a bomb under the first game in the final of the play-off between Vitesse and AZ earlier Wednesday evening.

Nedstede wrote to the Arnhem municipal council that the South stand, which is completely sold out for the game, should be closed for safety reasons.

Foot of war

Real estate entrepreneur Van de Kuit has been at war with Vitesse for years. The club, which has to transfer 1.8 million euros in rent to the company of the extremely wealthy real estate magnate, has been trying to negotiate different rental conditions for years. In 2020, Vitesse canceled the lease with Nedstede, which runs until mid-2023, in the belief that the club cannot be refused because of the eternal right to play. Van de Kuit immediately announced through his regular mouthpiece at the Gelderlander that the eternal right to play would no longer be in force and that he is preparing for a future of Gelredome without Vitesse.

In the corona time, Vitesse and Van de Kuit were even diametrically opposed to each other in court. Because no matches could be played and the income stream dried up, Vitesse instituted summary proceedings to reduce the rent, after Van de Kuit had proved adamant in direct contact. The real estate man, according to Quote good for an estimated capital of 210 million euros, was right in court and Vitesse was able to tap the full rent.

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big scare

Earlier this year, Van de Kuit also drew attention to himself. After it became known that owner Valeriy Oyf is selling the club, he set himself up as a candidate buyer to the shock of everyone at Vitesse.

Earlier this month, part of the South Stand of Gelredome was closed for safety reasons, but after additional research it was concluded that it was safe after all. At the time, Van de Kuit was still incensed that the measure had been taken and he still spoke in the Gelderlander of an ‘idiotic, rash and careless action’. Two weeks later, the real estate entrepreneur has a completely different opinion and believes that 6500 places should be blocked immediately.

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