Tamer Hosni prevents a fan from photographing his wife at a party: “You will photograph almonds or what?”

The star Tamer Hosni and his wife Basma Bousil attended a party among a group of friends, and Tamer sang a number of his songs amid the interaction of the audience, and while he was singing and dancing his wife, Tamer was surprised by one of the attendees approaching his wife and trying to photograph her. And the person retreated from filming amid the laughter of Tamer and Basma.

Tamer presented his new song called “Mtlalnaash Ehsas” at the concert, with which his fans and fans interacted. The song was written by Muhammad Al-Qayati and composed by Muhammad Hamza and distributed by Amin Nabil, Mix Hani Mahrous, and Master Jalal Hamdawi and the words of the song say, “Our hero measures our stature with people’s eyes … not All people see, and not all people are measured … Our hero loves to increase it without feeling” .

Recently, the song “Invention” by stars Tamer Hosni and Mahmoud Al-Asaily achieved 24 million views since it was released within a month on the video site “YouTube” directed by Tamer Hosni, and the words of the poet Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Ahmed Zaim, distributed and mixed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, recorded by Haitham Rady. Master Jalal Al-Hamdawi.

The song “Invention” comes after the star Tamer Hosni released the song “Lina Hayat Two Dimensions” on his official YouTube channel, which is the series “School of Love 3”, and the song is written by the poet Ahmed Al-Maliki, composed by Sherif Badr, distributed by Haitham Rady.


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