United States: Donald Trump back

Donald Trump, again in the countryside. The former President of the United States held in Arizona its first meeting of the year this Saturday, January 15. In front of thousands of his supporters, he started the meeting with his leitmotif: challenge his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. He then spoke about the future with the decisive midterm congressional elections: “This year, we are going to win back the House. We are going to win back the Senate. And we are going to win back America, that is the most important thing. And in 2024, we will reconquer the White House”. _

The outcome of these elections could devastate Joe Biden, auguring the victory of a Republican, perhaps Donald Trump himself… The latter did not fail to denounce the incompetence of the current president, confronted this week with a series of political reverses, in particular on his vast electoral reform.

“From the stolen election to the injustice of the media”

Before him, speakers had already heated the crowd, designating Joe Biden as someone “weak” and “deranged”, and targeting the “lame media”, whistled by supporters of the former Republican president.

Most of the markers of Trumpism have been used, from the stolen election, to media injustice, to open borders and the fact that the United States has become “the laughingstock of the whole world“.

A conquered audience

After having invoked in particular an alleged malice of the media to explain the cancellation of a press conference which he wanted to organize on January 6, during the first anniversary of the murderous assault of his supporters on the American Capitol, Donald Trump therefore this time faces a conquered public.

Donald Trump retains great influence over the Republican Party, many of whose elected officials who want to keep their seats in the next elections wish to benefit from its dubbing and therefore often subscribe to conspiracy theories suggesting that the presidential election has been stolen – or at least do not openly deny them .

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This rally is the first of a campaign that should count about two a month until the November election, the next one being scheduled for Texas at the end of January.


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