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Understanding the Effect of Long-Term Parking on Electric Vehicle Batteries – CNN Indonesia Report

CNN Indonesia

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2023 10:30 WIB

Electric vehicle batteries, even if removed, will lose power over time even though the owner may not realize it. (neta.co.th)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Electric vehicle battery (EV) is similar to a cell phone, when not in use, even when it is turned off, the energy stored in the battery is likely to decrease. The energy reduction may not be significant, but basically it happens and needs to be understood by EV owners.

“The short answer is maybe,” said Disckson Leow, General Manager of Infinitev, a company that specializes in waste battery processing when answering the question of whether EV batteries can run out when parked.

“Even if the EV battery is removed and not in the vehicle, it can be damaged and lose power,” he explained again as broadcast drive.com(1/11).

This means that if an EV is parked for a long period of time, its battery power may decrease. However, the owner may not be aware of this.

“If the vehicle is relatively new, (power loss) will not be noticeable during the holiday period,” Leow said.

How much energy is lost in a battery is said to depend on various factors, including the energy percentage, battery age and ambient temperature.

“Typically, electric vehicles lose one to five percent of their battery life in a year and poor conditions will accelerate their failure,” said Leow.

“To keep your EV battery healthy, it is better to place it in a cool, shady place with a consistent temperature, with a high battery percentage before parking, rather than leaving it in direct sunlight and the battery is almost empty,” he explained.

Infinitev, which aims to provide affordable replacement batteries, is often tasked with storing new electric car batteries on behalf of automotive manufacturers to ensure they maintain normal capacity when they are used later.

Leow explained that his company stores batteries in temperature-controlled locations that he calls “battery hotels.”

Currently, electric cars are given a guarantee from the manufacturer, one of which is a guarantee of a battery capacity of at least 70 percent during use. If the battery capacity drops below that, depending on the length of the warranty period, you may be able to get a free replacement or repair.


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