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Finally for all WhatsApp users: Long-awaited feature is being rolled out

WhatsApp is finally starting a long-awaited function for the desktop version of the messenger. In the future, PC users will also be able to start and make voice and video calls via WhatsApp. The feature will gradually be rolled out worldwide over the next few weeks. In a press release, WhatsApp emphasizes that, especially in the corona pandemic, the desire for non-close contacts has grown. With the new function, even more users should be able to implement this requirement.

In order to start the new feature, a few precautions are necessary. First of all, you need to install WhatsApp not only on the smartphone but also on the PC. You can find the download under the link or further down in the article.

Once you have both applications installed, you can use the WhatsApp versions via a QR code connect with each other.

This is how voice and video calls work for WhatsApp desktop

As soon as the feature is activated for you, you should – as in the app version – find a symbol for voice and video calls in groups and chats with individuals. If this is not the case, make sure that you have the latest WhatsApp version installed.

If the feature still doesn’t appear, check back at a later date. It can take a few days or even weeks for all users to be supplied on WhatsApp desktop.

WhatsApp emphasizes that the new feature is completely free. The voice and video calls can be composed individually from PC and smartphone users.

It does not matter whether mobile phone users hold the device horizontally or vertically. When the video call starts, a new window opens for PC users that you can easily move, enlarge or reduce.

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