Uncontrollable fires, record for SNCF and the calorie vacuum cleaner

Lake Conjola, New South Wales (Australia) during the fires. – SIPA

Since yesterday we were digesting, here is, on January 2, 2020, our first Unmissables of the decade. We start in small strides, ten years is a long time …

It’s not his habit but Carlos Ghosn made his statement. When he announced that he would not speak before January 8, the ex-boss of Renault-Nissan sent, via his press relations agency, a note to the editors in which he excludes his wife and family. Earlier today, Interpol had issued one of its
famous red notices.

Carlos Ghosn poses in 2004 in front of a Nissan.
Carlos Ghosn poses in 2004 in front of a Nissan. – YOSHIAKI / SIPA

2. The soap of the month: 29th record strike day

Railway workers just wiped out the 1986 strike tablets today as they enter their 29th day of mobilization. While the strike still affects the circulation of trains and public transport in Paris, we return here to the main bottlenecks within the transport company for thirty-three years.

An empty SNCF station in Saint Germain au Mont d'Or, December 9, 2019.
An empty SNCF station in Saint Germain au Mont d’Or, December 9, 2019. – Laurent Cipriani / AP / SIPA

Over 500 million animals who die in the flames. An unprecedented evacuation
conducted in an emergency. And a heat peak expected on Saturday… The situation in Australia is particularly worrying this Thursday. We asked a few questions to an expert from the country.

Should we introduce, as in the United Kingdom or Belgium, a minimum age below which any sexual relationship between a minor and an adult cannot be freely consented and automatically falls under sexual assault or rape? The question is very complex from the point of view of the law, explains our specialist.

Gabriel Matzneff
Gabriel Matzneff – ANDERSEN ULF / SIPA

Our product of the day sucks up the dust (it lights up even before sucking it up, to be precise) but it’s anecdotal. The H-Free 500 is certainly a vacuum cleaner but it is a connected vacuum cleaner. And what is the use of a connected vacuum cleaner? The answer is to be discovered on the smartphone screen from our chief tester, Christophe Séfrin…

Well, that’s all for today. And as in 2020, we promised you that we would not be interested only in late arriving trains, we also report that Neymar made his return at the right time and at the right time when resuming PSG training today. It deserved a gift, here it is:
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