Salvini attacks the government: “Is someone paid by China for 5g?” | Patuanelli replies: “We are not like them in Moscow”

“The world goes through technology and here too the clash will be between the countries of the Atlantic Pact and China and various dictatorships. That’s when Mr. Grillo enters and leaves the Chinese embassy, ​​back and forth, and when the Minister of Development Economic says on mobile phones, on Huawei, or on 5G there is an agreement, here or they do not understand, or someone pays because someone does not understand, tertium non datur, “said the leader of the League in Bormio. Then he went on: “I would not want the future of our country to be sold off, for political and economic reasons, to what is a dictatorship. Because China is a dictatorship”.

“If we combine the Chinese dictatorship with Islamic fanaticism, it is over. There is a clash between freedom and recourse, rights and denial of rights,” added Salvini.

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