Ukrainian woman who poured paint on the Russian ambassador in Warsaw is forced to leave because of harassment and threats from Russians

They published personal data and sent thousands of threats – a Ukrainian woman who poured paint over the Russian ambassador in Warsaw was forced to leave the Polish capital due to pressure from the Russians.

The fact that she had to leave accompanied by security, activist Irina Zemlyanaya reported on her Facebook. TSN.

The woman said that her personal data, phone numbers and pages on social networks were published by Russian Telegram channels a few hours after the action. Since that time, the activist has received thousands of letters, messages and threatening calls.

Together with her lawyer, she reported everything to the Polish police, where the situation was regarded as serious, for security reasons, the Ukrainian woman will not comment on what happened in the future.

Ambassador of the aggressor country doused with red dye May 9, when he tried to lay flowers at a monument in Warsaw.

The Polish Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the incident, noting that diplomats should have immunity regardless of state policy. At the same time, the Russians summoned the Polish ambassador and poured red painted Polish embassy in Moscow.

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