Ukrainian Armed Forces Told How They Shot Down Iranian UAVs – UNIAN

At least four Il-76 military transport aircraft with drones are known to have been sent from Iran to Russia.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 8 kamikaze drones Iranian-made, they shoot down various types of weapons.

This was announced by the spokesman of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat on the air informational teletone.

“In the last 24 hours, 8 of these drones have been destroyed. They can be destroyed by various means: from small arms to anti-aircraft missiles. We still need some time to study the strengths and weaknesses of this drone”, he has declared.

According to Ignat, it is now important to calculate how many drones have been delivered to the Russians. At least four Il-76 military transport aircraft were sent from Iran to Russia.

“IL-76 is a large cargo plane and many of these drones could be transported. There is no exact information on the number,” he added.

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Iranian kamikaze drones: what is known

As reported by UNIAN, in mid-August it became known that Iran has sold 1,000 drones to Russia.

On September 13, the Strategic Communications Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the Ukrainian army Shahed 136 Iranian attack drone shot down for the first time (Shahid-136). The drone was shot down near Kupyansk in the Kharkov region.

On 23 September, the enemy attacked Odessa with kamikaze drones from the Black Sea. Two drones destroyed the administrative building in the port area, two people died. The same day it was 5 Iranian drones shot downwith which the enemy tried to attack Odessa.

On the same day, a multipurpose Iranian-made Mohajer-6 attack drone (Mohajer-6), designed for reconnaissance.

Today, September 25, the Russian invaders attacked Odessa with kamikaze droneshit the administration building in the city center three times.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on behalf of the President, decided deprive the Iranian ambassador of accreditationas well as significantly reducing the number of diplomatic personnel at the Iranian embassy in Kiev in response to the sale of unmanned attack vehicles to Russia.

However Iran has denied the allegations Ukraine in the sale of kamikaze drones to Russia and announced “the influence of third countries”. They also said they “regret” the deterioration in diplomatic relations between Iran and Ukraine. The Iranian foreign ministry advised the Ukrainian government “to avoid the influence of third countries seeking to destroy relations between the two countries”.

In response to this, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated that the only “third party” – Iranian drones in the service of the Russian army, which Ukraine is already knocking down directly in its sky. The Foreign Ministry stressed that Tehran bears full responsibility for the destruction of relations with Ukraine.

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