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Ukrainian Air Force Spokesperson Expresses Concerns Over Russian Army’s Nuclear Weapons

Original title: Uzbekistan Air Force Spokesperson: Worried that the Russian Army launches nuclear bombs and must be fully intercepted

Why did the Ukrainian army shoot down all missiles from Russia? A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force pointed out: Because I don’t know what kind of warhead it is, it may be a nuclear warhead, so all missiles launched from Russia must be intercepted. Let’s look at related news. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri said that if Russia decides to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, he will not issue any special air strike signal to make Ukrainians prepare in advance. So if this is the case, the Ukrainian army cannot know in advance whether the missiles sent by Russia carry some special warheads, so they need to destroy all air targets entering Ukrainian airspace.

Regarding the statement made by the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, what is his expressed opinion? The missiles we have in our hands now, whether they are Patriots from the United States or Aster air defense missiles from Europe. As long as I see Russia launching a missile, I will intercept it, no matter what kind of missile it is carrying, whether it is a conventional warhead or a nuclear warhead. There are two misunderstandings in what the Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson said: On the one hand, how could Russia use nuclear weapons against Ukraine? As a Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, he does not understand this truth. He is exaggerating. He also knows that Russia cannot use nuclear weapons. But if you don’t say that, how can you deceive the common people in the country? It is an ideal state to conduct a comprehensive interception of missiles launched by Russia. It needs to be intercepted, even if it is a conventional warhead, if it hits some targets, it will inevitably cause certain losses. Russia is also flying a variety of drones. These drones may hit military targets or civilian targets, and they may also consume Ukraine’s basic ammunition. However, if a missile is launched, whether it is a ballistic missile or a cruise missile, it is aimed at a military target. This means that the Ukrainian army must intercept it, otherwise its military target will be destroyed. As for whether it is a nuclear warhead, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force knows well that this is impossible. Russia’s nuclear warheads are only used against the United States, only against NATO, not against Ukrainians of the same race.

Another point, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force spoke to Western countries, the United States and NATO. Russia has launched too many missiles, and I am unable to deal with them now, so I have no way to identify friend or foe, nor can I identify targets. As long as the opponent launches a missile, or even a drone, I need to use expensive missiles to intercept it. To put it bluntly, it is for Western countries to seize the time to provide more air defense missiles so that they can effectively intercept various air weapons and equipment from Russia. As the United States and other countries, they are indeed increasing their assistance and increasing the supply of air defense missiles.

When the Ukrainian army is manipulating anti-aircraft missiles, it is possible to hit multiple ones, and the effect is not very good. As a Western country, no matter how much it provides air defense missiles, the supply is in short supply. What does this mean? No matter how much you supply, as the demand side of Ukraine, it is difficult to meet its demand. After all, in the face of Russia’s fierce offensive, how can Ukraine completely destroy all missiles? Although the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force kept emphasizing that he had destroyed 100% or even how many percent of the anti-aircraft missiles, only the Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson knew the actual effect. It is not so easy to intercept Russian missiles. It cannot be a nuclear weapon.Return to Sohu to see more


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