Ukraine’s Ambitious Goal: Strengthening Air Defenses with 50 Patriot Batteries

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat said that the 50 Patriot batteries requested by President Volodymyr Zelenskyare a very realistic goal, reports UNIAN. Ukraine will go towards this ambitious goal “at all costs”.

He recalled that Ukrainian air defense will strengthen not only the Patriot, but also other advanced Western air defense systems as well as fighter jets. “And Patriot is anti-ballistic, and SAMP-T also works on ballistics, and other systems are also impossible without them. This is both IRIS-T and NASAMS, all this is the basis of air defensewhich is supposed to replace the old Soviet weapons“, he said.

That’s why a number like 50 batteries should not scare anyonethe Air Force representative noted: “Yes, it’s expensive, but not all at once. We will be steadily strengthening our air defenses of the Air Force, Ground Forces, etc. Of course, we are waiting for good news on the F-16 – we really need this aircraft .”

The Patriot remains the primary target of recent Russian air strikes attacks on Kyiv. In particular, the air defense system can intercept allegedly hypersonic missiles of the Russians “Dagger”.

CNN: Russians tried to destroy Patriot with Dagger. It turned out the opposite

Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners fired several rockets at different angles

During one of the strikes of the Russian Federation, the installation was damaged, but the complex was not disconnected from the network – the system continued to perform tasks to cover the Ukrainian sky. Now the air defense in the Kiev region shoots down 100% of all air targets of the opponent.

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Currently in Ukraine there is three divisions (batteries) of this complex. A division / battery includes: a power plant, a radar station (with a range of 150 km), a fire control station, launchers, an antenna-mast complex and the missiles themselves.

The air defense system is equipped with interceptor missiles and a high-performance radar. Batteries can be quickly brought to full combat readiness, they can fire on several targets at the same time, they are quite maneuverable and protected from interference.

Netherlands sends Leopard 1 and Patriot to Ukraine

Netherlands sends Leopard 1 and Patriot to Ukraine

They will have to get permission from the Swiss government, which has so far been reluctant to cooperate

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