Dick Lukkien reflects on FC Emmen’s loss to Almere City and promises a different team for upcoming match

Dick Lukkien thinks that FC Emmen ‘earned’ to lose to Almere City on Tuesday evening. The trainer of the losing team states that next Sunday at De Oude Meerdijk, something else will have to be tapped.

Lukkien was especially unhappy about the first company, in which Emmen let itself be trumped by Almere, who played convincingly. “Apathetic, hesitant, especially the first half,” said Lukkien in front of the camera ESPN. “I did tell them how I feel about it. If you fight those bottom places all year round and then get through a diptych with NAC Breda well, you just have to stand there. Then you have to deliver. Do what you can.”

Emmen received the 1-0 after more than an hour of play. Striker Richairo Zivkovic committed a foul in his own penalty area, causing a penalty kick. “He just didn’t do that well, but again: as a team it wasn’t good enough tonight, so we lost 2-0.”

The end result was therefore a logical reflection of the game image, concludes Lukkien, who will be sidelined for the last time as Emmen trainer next Sunday. “A deserved victory for Almere, but on Sunday there will be a different team, I can promise you that. I believe in my team, but it is also simple: Almere has acquired a very good position. But that match has definitely not been played yet .”

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2023-06-06 21:38:12
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