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Ukraine Adopts New Mobilization Bill: Updates for Military Service Abroad

Recently, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill on mobilization as a whole. It provides for updating the personal data of those liable for military service to receive consular services abroad.

People’s Deputy, representative of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Fyodor Venislavsky in an interview “OBOZ.UA“explained this point. According to him, after updating the data, no obligations are provided for the return of citizens to Ukraine.

“Firstly, here it is necessary to reassure all citizens of Ukraine who are temporarily located or residing in other countries. No obligations that would arise for these citizens after updating or receiving military registration documents upon return to Ukraine are not established by this law, and mechanisms In principle, it’s very difficult to imagine such things,” he explained.

He noted the importance of Ukrainian citizens who are classified as persons liable for military service and live abroad to update their personal data.

“A person can live abroad, and they send him messages, summonses to addresses that are registered in the TCC. The state spends time, material and human resources to inform a person who, in principle, cannot be informed, since he is not in this city,” – added Venislavsky.

According to him, if a person, while abroad, wants to receive a military registration document remotely, “he can do this via email, by phone, through the consulate during updating, in case of receiving consular services.”

“Therefore, there are no problems here and there will be no negative consequences for these people,” he concluded.

Mobilization in Ukraine: it’s worth knowing

Recently, the adviser on gender issues to the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Oksana Grigorieva, said that it is worth preparing for the possible mobilization of women. She also spoke out in favor of military training for both men and women, following the example of Israel. The NSDC Center for Combating Disinformation noted that this issue is not currently on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Ivan Gavrilyuk announced that a repeat medical examination of those with limited fitness is beginning. According to him, this process will start in mid-May.

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