UEFA Fines Celtic for Supporting Palestine in Champions League Match

UEFA fined Celtic 17,500 euros for supporting Palestine through the stands in the 3rd week Champions League Group E match between Scottish team Celtic and Spain’s Atletico Madrid team.


According to the statement made by UEFA, the penalty was given because the home Celtic fans’ chants and banners in favor of Palestine were considered as “provocative messages with aggressive content” during the match played on October 25, which ended with a 2-2 tie between the two teams.

The Scottish representative was fined a total of 11,500 euros more for filling the empty spaces between the stands that should remain open and lighting fireworks. Atletico Madrid was fined 3 thousand euros for lighting fireworks.

Celtic fans chanted “Walk, walk;” during the match they hosted Atletico Madrid. with the hope in your heart; and you will never walk alone!” He shouted slogans and decorated the stadium with Palestinian flags. Celtic, which has been supporting Palestine for many years, was previously fined by UEFA for similar reasons. (AA)

2023-11-22 16:49:40
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