Uber drivers protest price cuts and threaten to shut down

Drivers invite colleagues to take a “national TVDE strike” on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, turning off the application.

According to a driver in Porto contacted by Lusa, the protest came from several groups of drivers who met on social networks, namely on WhatsApp.

According to the same source, the protest is related to the announcement of a reduction in the price of trips starting this Friday by the passenger transport platform, which reported this to partner drivers only on Thursday.

The price cut will lower these drivers’ profit margin per trip to unsustainable levels, he added.

Although the protest is scheduled for Saturday, in Porto today, enough drivers will have turned off the application, he added, unable to determine if the same happened in Lisbon and other parts of the country.

In a flyer calling for the Internet strike with the hashtag “#uberoff”, Uber drivers and partners say they are “full of ever-lower cuts and fares, while expenses are rising day by day.”

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