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Uber driver manages to graduate from college after a passenger paid off his student debt

Latonya Young, one day in her Uber driver’s turn, she received a notification to pick up a passenger, not knowing that this would change her life. He picked up Kevin Esch at the Mercedez-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and Young, a single mother of three children began telling him about his life. On the way he talked about his divorce, his university dreams and his many jobs.

He told the passenger that at age 16, he had to leave high school in order to raise his first child and also told him that he recently had to leave the Georgia State University due to an unpaid balance of $ 700.

“Every time I prepared to pay the money, my children needed something. I said, it’s fine. I’ll just wait, “this 43-year-old mother told the passenger.

According to Young, in an interview with local media Kxan, who is also a stylist by day and an Uber driver at night, left the passenger at their destination, he encouraged her to pursue her dreams and gave her a tip of $ 150. “He told me that you are never too old to receive an education,” Young recalls. And everything went very normal until, a few days later, he received a phone call from the university notifying that the debt was paid and that he could return to register for classes.

It was Kevin Esch who paid his debt and a couple of weeks ago he attended Young’s graduation as an associate in criminal justice.

“When he paid the balance, I had to do this for him. I kept my notes. A and B. I just try to do everything to make sure I know that I appreciate it, ”Young said. The passenger told the local media that he did not want to offer interviews and that: “Young is an inspiration to him.”

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