Electrical Appliances Division: 30% decline in television screens

4:57 PM

Thursday 02 January 2020

I wrote – Sherine Salah:

Ahmed Hilal, deputy head of the electrical appliances division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Masrawy that the prices of all types of TV screens have fallen by about 30% during the past two months, thanks to the high value of the pound against the dollar.

Hilal added: “Prices fell gradually with the fall of the dollar price … The decline was about 15% on average during November and almost the same in December … And still the declines continue.”

The prices of television screens in Egypt are closely related to the exchange rate of the pound, where about 5% of the fully manufactured screens are imported from abroad, while the rest are collected from components, most of which are also imported, according to the data of the Electrical Devices Division.

The price of the dollar against the pound has witnessed a noticeable decline in banks since the beginning of 2019, to drop by about 187 piasters, by 10.4%, where the average price in banks yesterday reached 15.99 pounds for purchase, and 16.09 pounds for sale, according to central bank data.

Hilal added, that despite the decline in screen prices at these high rates, turnout is still moderate.

Local consumption rates in many goods and services are still suffering due to the weak purchasing power of citizens during the past three years after the pound floated in November 2016, which lost half of its value.

In an attempt to move the market, major stores and merchants announce cuts in the prices of devices in order to move demand, the latest of which was Carrefour offers that are very popular on television.

The prices of some screens in the Carrefour offers that he launched on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of his presence in Egypt are as follows:

Tornado screen 32 inches at 1699 pounds instead of 2149 pounds.

32 inch Unionaire screen at 1549 pounds instead of 1899 pounds.

LG 32-inch screen at 2977 pounds instead of 3299 pounds.

Sony 32-inch screen at 3099 pounds instead of 3499 pounds.

Samsung 32 inch screen at 2999 pounds instead of 3399 pounds.

32-inch BTC screen at 1799 pounds instead of 1999 pounds.

Jac 39 inch screen at 2999 pounds instead of 3099 pounds.

Sony 40-inch screen at 4999 pounds instead of 5499 pounds.

Tonido screen 43 inches at 3199 pounds instead of 4099 pounds.

Screen LG 43 inch 4999 pounds instead of 6199 pounds.

Screen to LG 49 inches at 6399 pounds instead of 7199 pounds.

Toshiba 49-inch screen at a price of 4999 pounds instead of 6299 pounds.

Samsung 49 inch screen at 5399 pounds instead of 6099 pounds.

Tornado screen 50 inches at 4699 pounds instead of 5799 pounds.

Samsung 50 inch screen at 6099 pounds instead of 7799 pounds.

Jack screen 50 inches at 3999 pounds instead of 4999 pounds.

LG 55-inch screen at 13499 pounds instead of 16999 pounds.

Sony 55-inch screen at 9999 pounds instead of 1099 pounds.

Samsung screen 58 inches at 7299 pounds instead of 9499 pounds.

Tornado screen 58 inches at 6199 pounds instead of 8499 pounds.

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