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Two dead and six wounded in shooting shooting music video in Houston

Washington, United States

Two people were killed and six other injuries in a shooting occurred during the recording of a music video on Friday night in a parking lot in Houston (Texas), authorities said on Saturday, which detailed that the majority of victims They are young Hispanic.

Among the injured are some “in a very serious situation“explained Ed Gonzalez, chief of Harris County police in an appearance before journalists.

Most of the victims, he added, They are young Hispanic.

“This is a very serious situation, it is a residential area and there were many shots. We have a wide crime scene that covers several blocks,” Gonzalez said.

For now, however, he did not offer details about the possible motivation and shooting authors since it is an ongoing investigation.

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“There were other vehicles parked there and we think they were shooting some kind of music video when, suddenly, basically were ambushed, we believe that by individuals in cars and on foot who shot in the parking lot, “he said.

Last August, 22 people were killed in a mall in the border city of El Paso, also in Texas, by a young man who wanted to “kill Mexicans.”

The author of the shooting, Patrick Crusius, 21, confessed to the police when he was arrested that his objective was to kill Mexicans. Of the 22 people he killed, eight were from the other side of the border.

Crusius drove almost ten hours, from Allen to El Paso, to commit the massacre and then published a manifesto on the internet in which he said the attack was a “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

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