Scientists develop viruses to cure cancer

U.S.- Various types of cancer have been attacked and fought successfully with a new treatment created from a virus derived from bovine smallpox.

The studies were conducted by American scientists and tested successfully in mice, for next year it is expected to begin testing the treatment in humans, however, its massive use as treatments in humans could be delayed a few years.

The virus called CF33 It was used in therapies of mice with cancer by a group of scientists led by Yuman Fong, the virus attacks the cancer cells and makes them explode, in addition it would cause the human immune system to identify the cancer tumors and attack them by itself .

Human tests with this virus would begin in 2020 and would be injected directly into the tumor of patients with breast, melanoma, liver, bladder, gastric and intestinal cancer.

If successful, the treatment would begin to be developed by an Australian biotechnology company, however, specialists indicate that successful results in mice may not replicate in humans because the immune system could detect the virus and remove it from the system before that this destroys the cancer tumor.

The specialist stressed that tests have already been done for similar with other viruses to treat brain cancer with the cold virus, and for melanoma by modifying the herpes virus.

The professor explained that the virus to create the CF33 was not chosen at random but is an investigation carried out since 1992 when doctors noticed a strange characteristic: people who received the rabies vaccine, made on the basis of the causative agent of the vaccine, decreased tumor growth.

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