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Chirping is taking steps to create a “For You” tab-like experience similar to what it offers Tick ​​tock. The social media app, which has had a tumultuous year, to put it mildly, is tweaking its default user feeds with two new tabs.

The big change that Twitter will add soon

Until now, Twitter has allowed users to switch between an algorithmic timeline and a reverse timeline. Now the feed will be divided into two tabs: “For you” and “Followed”. When you first open the app, report The Verge, you’ll see the “For You” tab first. This means that trending topics and recommendations will make up Twitter’s new home page, a format shared by TikTok.

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It’s not the first time that a rival social media app — including Twitter — has replicated TikTok’s features. What remains to be seen is how users will take this particular change and how much it might affect their app experience. The social media analyst Matthew Navarra shared a screenshot of the update, writing that the app is a crappy version of TikTok. For tastes, colors.

The revolution in the Musk era does not stop

Elon MuskTwitter’s controversial owner also tweeted about the change, along with other updates, noting that this is “part of a much larger UI overhaul.”

Tabs are implemented first on iOS. The old feed as we know it is still available on Android and on the web. Twitter is going through a lot of changes in the coming year and there is a chance that these will not lead to an improvement. There are always alternatives to the beloved bird app if needed.

It remains to be seen how all these changes will affect the user experience, and if some of them will make the decision to abandon Twitter and replace it permanently with other social networks, such as the aforementioned TikTok. The war of the RR.SS. it is at its peak.

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