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“I am a person who does not stand still for a long time in my life, I try to change all the circumstances and situations that do not satisfy me or lead me in the intended direction. Therefore, I like to spend time with people like myself – those who live their lives And the participants in the show have to prove that they are ready to change, to overcome themselves and go in the direction of their dreams, “says the host.

Asked what she thinks about plastic surgery, Aija believes that all the methods that can help a person feel more beautiful, confident and successful should be tried in life. “Especially if conditions and possibilities allow it. Why not, if it makes a person feel better? The question, of course, is how long will this feeling last and will it be enough to achieve what is desired? I have also thought about plastic surgery myself, but so far I have not performed any surgery. ”

The participants of the transformation will be performed by a team of professionals – plastic surgery specialist Vadims Klimecs (“Lipex”), dental expert Raivis Sietnieks (“Confidential”), eye surgeon Dr. Felix Lukin (Dr. Lukin Eye Clinic). In turn, the support and travel companion of the participants in the transformation process will be the host of the show.

Photo: Insight into the selection of show participants


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