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Ateliers, artists and art instructors in Tampico have participated in various projects that allow the realization of art from a distance and thus continue to develop talent despite social confinement.

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Since 2020, digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Zoom and Meet have opened a window for creativity and knowledge will continue to be transmitted virtually.

In the official channel of the Ministry of Culture of Tampico you can see a playlist called “Talleristas”, it contains five videos in which Alexis Cruces, Enrique Torres and Frida Garza can be learned very simple things.

Among the tutorials you can find titles such as “Embossing technique”, “How to make a puppet with a sock”, “Technique to learn stamping”, “How to decorate notebooks” and “Learn to build a mobile”.

In each video the instructors are given the task of listing and presenting the necessary materials for each activity, share the step by step and end by showing the final result, it is important to mention that each article presented is made with recycled materials.

The tutorials have found in digital platforms an opportunity to raise awareness of talent, but also promote recycling, reuse and more.

Currently there are several YouTube channels specialized in various topics and thanks to the concept they explain step by step from a cooking recipe, makeup, works of art, book creation and more.

As part of the promotion of the # QuédateEnCasa culture, you can see various videos aimed at showing the step by step of various activities.

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Celebrities like Will Smith and Drew Barrymore have made use of these simple digital tools to entertain.


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