Trust is tested at every level, says Gazdík about the “tripping” of Pirates in the Zlín region

You have already responded by proposing to postpone the vote on STAN going to the House elections together with the Pirates. But isn’t something else a regional, and something else a central policy?

It is undoubtedly a different league, but trust is tested at every level. In addition, the national policy was involved, the leadership of the Pirates promised cooperation in Zlín. But on Thursday, we will clarify this with colleagues from the nationwide pirate leadership, so that STAN’s decision on whether to start exclusive negotiations with the Pirates does not have to be postponed.

I understand that STAN did not want to join a coalition with the YES movement?

It was not our first choice.

What is your position, the position of the STAN movement in the Zlín region, towards the People’s Party? Originally, it seemed to me that you were rejecting the alliance with the People’s Party…

So far, we and the People’s Party have been in the regional coalition. However, our condition was that KDU-ČSL would reflect the will of voters regarding the construction of a new hospital. That he would realize how badly their governor had explained her and how he had failed to convince the electorate. To understand: I still think that building a new hospital is better, but I respect the will of the electorate. It is not possible to build a project worth eight billion crowns that does not have voter support.

I therefore ask that the YES won the elections in the Zlín Region, the People’s Party was close to second. It was clear from the beginning that the coalition will be composed of one or the other party…

Of course. And we were looking for the better option. But we are certainly not afraid of the opposition either.

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