Doctor: Tramp has no symptoms of Covid-19 for 24 hours

ASV President Donald Trump has had no symptoms of Covid-19 for 24 hours and has not had a fever for four days, the president’s doctor said on Wednesday.

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“The president said this morning, ‘I feel great,'” said Sean Conley in a brief statement on the president’s state of health.

“His physical diagnosis and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, are all stable and within normal range,” the doctor said in a statement.

“He hasn’t had a fever for more than four days now, he has had no symptoms for more than 24 hours, and he hasn’t needed extra oxygen since his initial hospitalization, and he hasn’t received it.”

Trump has promised to return to the election campaign soon and take part in the second debate of presidential candidates with Democratic rival Joe Biden on October 15.

According to CNN’s latest opinion poll, 57% of citizens who are going to vote would currently vote for Baiden nationwide and 41% for Trump.

Even in the volatile states that will ultimately decide the outcome of the election, Biden is in the lead, albeit not with such a large majority.

According to a poll released by the TV channel NBC on Tuesday, in the six fluctuating states, 50% of voters are ready to vote for Baiden in total, and for Trump – 45%. Biden is also in the lead in each of the volatile states.

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