Trump’s stimulus tweets sow confusion and leave bags aimless – Markets in a minute

Falling futures in Europe and rising in the US

There is no definite trend in the trading of future shareholders in Europe and the United States this Wednesday, October 7th. European Stoxx50 futures fell 0.3% while US S & P500 futures rose 0.4%.

Even so, it is the futures in the USA to follow the increases observed in the main Asian exchanges. If the Japanese Topix closed practically unchanged, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng totaled 0.9% and the Australian stock market advanced 1.3%.

In Europe, the fear of a second wave of the pandemic worsens, particularly after Germany recorded the highest daily number of new cases since April. On the other hand, the Italian authorities admit to adopting new restrictive measures to contain the advance of the new coronavirus.

However, it is the decision announced yesterday by Donald Trump, president of the United States, that he rejected the Democratic proposal for a new economic stimulus package that is penalizing the sentiment of European investors. Trump even said that negotiations for further measures to support the economy will not resume until after the November 3 presidential elections.

This announcement has led to Wall Street crashes, yet American futures appreciate at a time when it is speculated whether the president’s statement may be a mere negotiating tactic to force Democrats to move closer to the White House position.

Also justifying the rise of futures in the USA are the various tweets made by Donald Trump, who later came to defend the need for more stimulus to the economy, namely support to air operators. The majority of the Democratic Party in the lower house of Congress approved a proposal of $ 2.2 billion, with the White House not wanting to go beyond $ 1.6 billion.

Thus, the volatility that has marked the last sessions prevails – to which the fact that Trump contracted covid-19 last Friday also contributed – at a time when investors believe that an eventual agreement with a view to expansionary fiscal measures remains distant. to support the resumption of the world‘s largest economy.


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