Trump works from the Oval Office, violated the ban imposed by the virus


Donald Trump in the early afternoon spezza the confinement imposed by the Covid infection and returns to work in the Oval Office.. In the evening he spreads a pre-recorded video via Twitter in the gardens of the White House: “I’m back, I feel fine. I was treated with drugs that are blessings from God. I took Regeneron (clonal antibodies ed) and I decided that this treatment should be available to all patients. For free. I have the emergency decree for authorization ready. Americans who have fallen ill have no faults. The responsibility lies with China, which will pay a high price for what it has done to our country and to the world ”.

The president, therefore, returns in the middle of the election campaign. The vaccine moves away, “Maybe we will have it after the elections” he says and then relaunches “with the miraculous cure”, the cocktail of antibodies that will have to pass the scrutiny of the FDA, the Food and Drug administration. Dr. Sean Conley, the president’s personal physician, said yesterday that the patient “He has no symptoms of Covid since Tuesday 6 October and has no fever since Saturday 3 October”. However, the prognosis remains in the balance. At least until next Monday Trump will not be out of “danger”. But “The Donald” clearly paws. All morning he has been tweeting furiously. At lunchtime, there were 29 direct messages and another 29 reposted, including videos and photos. A jumble of slogans, accusations, responses, conspiracy theories. Attacks and insults on Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, “the radical left”, “the corrupt media”.

Proven themes: from the “definitely rigged” post office elections to Barack Obama’s never tried maneuvers to spy on him during the 2016 election campaign. Trump retweets that “news likely to unleash hell” already today. The Donald foams, hammering his cell phone, phoning the few who survived the contagion, tormenting his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, once a prime minister in Washington and who certainly would never have imagined having to be an orderly or boss room in this kind of hospital set up in a hurry. In theory, Trump shouldn’t move and anyone who absolutely needs to see him must wear a yellow lab coat, protective goggles and a reinforced mask. The rest of the West Wing, the wing occupied by the Commander in Chief, is practically deserted. Empty desks, abandoned workstations. Most of the staff have been ordered to work from home.

The Association of Accredited White House Correspondents is mailing hundreds of subscribers: “Take the tests, protect yourself with masks and goggles and try not to come to work at the White House.” The list of the infected, however, continues to grow: now there are 24 Trumpian advisors, external advisors, military and reporters (three).

7 October 2020 (change October 8, 2020 | 01:25)



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