‘Trump wants to appoint Amy Coney Barrett as high judge’ | Abroad

Trump himself said on Friday evening that he has made his choice, but he has not yet named a name. He will probably announce his candidate on Saturday evening (Dutch time).

Barrett has been considered a favorite for several days. She is 48 years old and was also shortlisted in 2018 with possible replacements for Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired. In the end, Trump chose to push Brett Kavanaugh forward. Barrett is a devout Catholic, mother of seven children, two of whom are adopted and fiercely opposed to abortion.

All insiders who spoke to CNN insisted that Trump could change his mind at the last minute. Earlier, the president said that the new high judge “will probably be a woman.”

The other candidate is Barbara Lagoa (52). She is the first woman of Hispanic descent to be appointed as a judge to the Florida Supreme Court before taking office at a federal appeals court in Atlanta, her current position. Trump specifically said on Wednesday that he has not scheduled an appointment with Lagoa.

If Trump has nominated a candidate, it must still be approved by the Senate. This week it became clear that he probably agrees with the appointment. Republicans are in the majority of the Senate.

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