5 Safe Ways to Squeeze Acne to Avoid Infection

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Nervousness often appears every time you look acne in the face. Often times the hand always wants to squeeze the pimples that annoy. There are several ways to squeeze pimples to keep it safe for skin.

By squeezing it, people hope that the pimples will go away soon and don’t leave too long pain. However, in reality, squeezing pimples often tends to have a negative impact on the skin.

“If [memencet jerawat] not done properly, it can exacerbate the situation, “dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse was quoted as saying She Knows.

When you squeeze the pimple, it causes pain and the blood vessels widen, drawing fluid and white blood cells to the acne area. As a result, pimples become bigger, red, and stand out.

Pimples that break below the surface of the skin will trigger a local infection with a red, swollen, tender appearance for days. In addition, conditions that are not necessarily hygienic will allow other bacteria to enter acne and cause secondary infections.

There are several safe ways to squeeze pimples that you can pay attention to, as follows.

1. Types of pimples that can be squeezed

You can squeeze all pimples carelessly. The only pimples that are worth squeezing are tiny whiteheads, blackheads, and red postulates with a white lump in the middle.

Meanwhile, red pimples without white lumps should not be touched, let alone squeezed. Acne like this indicates dirt that has gotten into the pores.

2. The face is clean

It is important to ensure that the skin of the face and hands is clean to minimize the spread of bacteria.

Shainhouse recommends wiping the pimples with rubbing alcohol. You just need to press the pimple with two fingers or use a needle that has been sterilized. Then use two clean cotton swabs to clean the outer edges of the lesion from pus or the remaining dead skin cells.

3. Apply moisturizer

Dermatologist Paul Dean recommends using a moisturizer that is oily and does not close pores. He said, the skin should be kept moist.

Even injured skin will benefit from additional moisturization. Dean recommends using a serum hyaluronic acid which will moisturize without ‘burdening’ the skin.

4. Give acne spots medicine

After moisturizing, apply the acne spot remedy. Dean says it’s best to choose a spotted remedy that isn’t abrasive and hydrating, but can work quickly to get rid of redness and irritation.

“Use products with green tea content and dipotassium glycyrrhizate or soothing molecules from licorice which can relieve redness, reduce visible inflammation, “he added.

5. Leave it to its members

For some types of acne that cannot be squeezed, you are advised to leave the problem to the experts. The doctor will take appropriate steps and prevent the spread of bacteria when removing acne.

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