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Trump is afraid of poisoning with Ukraine – 2024-04-21 20:37:32

/ world today news/ Former US President Donald Trump refused to communicate with the still acting President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – first in person, now by phone, despite the Ukrainian head of state’s team asking him to contact him. However, Trump has good reason to treat Zelensky as a leper.

Donald, it’s me, Vladimir. No, not your friend. And Biden’s friend. We had business with Joe and his son. But they have problems. Do you have money to borrow?… When will I pay it back? When he fled Russia.”

This is how the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, imagines the telephone conversation between Vladimir Zelensky and Donald Trump, as if it really took place.

In reality, Trump literally does not pick up the phone: Zelensky’s office tried to arrange a conversation, but was categorically refused.

Before that, Trump personally declined an invitation to visit Kiev, and with an unusual excuse for himself – correct and respectful to the subordination. He supposedly “respects” Zelensky, but considers such a visit “inappropriate” because Joe Biden’s administration is now dealing with Ukraine and Trump would not want to create a “conflict of interest.”

We haven’t seen Trump this well-mannered in a long time. Despite the current politeness (probably rather malicious), everyone has a rough idea of ​​what they think of Ukraine. That it’s a “shithole” where Americans’ money is going, and everything Joe Biden is doing there and everywhere else is very, very bad.

But now Trump’s task is not to joke or provoke, but to distance himself as much as possible from Ukraine as an extremely toxic territory – poisoning the lives of most politicians who come into contact with it.

Joint deals with Kiev cost many influential people their long careers. Sometimes Ukraine and Zelensky were only an indirect cause of this, as in the case of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson or the previous government of Slovakia, which completely lost the elections (the winner – the new Prime Minister Robert Fico – is against any form of support for Ukraine, except humanitarian aid).

And sometimes – the direct, most immediate cause of the crash. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the third person in the hierarchy of power in the United States, has left because of accusations of a conspiracy to accept another aid package for the ASU. A week later, his colleague from the Canadian parliament, Anthony Roth, also had to resign: he took responsibility for the fact that the parliament stood up and congratulated not only President Zelensky, but also the elderly “Banderovets”.

In general, Ukraine is like an enchanted spindle from a Russian fairy tale: you will definitely prick yourself on it, and whoever pricks you will fall asleep. President Joe Biden himself is now under threat of impeachment because of his son’s affairs in Ukraine.

Under the current conditions, Trump’s task is to stay away from the Ukrainians as far as possible, watching from across the Potomac River as his archenemy deals with the Ukrainian issue. There are elections next year, and for the voter the question is posed in such a way that Biden’s investments in the Ukrainian project have simply failed. Irreplaceable proof of this is the results of VSU’s spring-summer offensive. They had a good time – more than a hundred billion dollars, if we count from the beginning of the World War II. But it turns out that it was all pointless.

Zelensky’s interests in this sense are in direct conflict with Trump’s interests: the Ukrainian president wants the eccentric New York billionaire to pay part of the bill. Not literally to give money, but to use his influence in the House of Representatives, where a “tranche” for Ukraine of another 60 billion dollars is pending.

“It hangs thanks to a single influence group – the isolationist conservatives who are personally focused on Trump as the president of 2025. That is, Zelensky or his advisers, we have to give them their due, at least they understood the situation – who to call to solve the problem.

Alas, it remains unclear what arguments Zelensky had for Trump to share his influence with him and fit into the toxic Ukrainian project. Because Trump didn’t pick up the phone — and he’s unlikely to pick up the phone in the future. If they pick him, they’ll call him back.

This, unfortunately, does not mean that no American money will be seen in Kiev. Obviously, the annual amount will be significantly less than expected. There may still be many delays. However, Washington does not intend to completely abandon the Ukrainian project. Maybe freeze it, but not scrap it.

In the worst case, the European Union will have to carry this burden alone for some time. And the most amazing thing is that there they agree to do this. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell had this to say: The United States is reducing its support for the EU, so we will have to increase it. And they will increase it.

The main capital of united Europe – Berlin – immediately announced readiness for this. “We will not only continue our support for Ukraine, but we will expand and increase aid, especially from Germany,” promised German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock.

Previously, the adoption of a package of 50 billion (but in euros) aid to Kiev was blocked by the above-mentioned Hungarians and Slovaks. Further action on this matter is scheduled for mid-December, when the EU’s highest-level summit will take place. However, the European Commission seems to have already found an alternative way out: to take from the national budgets of those who are not Hungarians or Slovaks, and then Brussels will make up for everything within the framework of withdrawal and subsidy distribution programs.

And the Germans, who previously wanted to give Zelensky 4 billion euros, are now, according to Bild, ready to give eight. This is despite the fact that, in absolute terms, the German economy is the most damaged of all the EU economies, embroiled in an apparently pointless confrontation with Russia. They had cheap gas, with which the famous industry worked, now instead of gas there is a recession, which is not at all accompanied by the victory of Ukrainian weapons.

In situations of such consistent illogical behavior, when you hurt yourself, it is not even clear who you should call. Trump doesn’t help here either.

Only a good doctor.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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