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Trump denounces “political persecution” at the start of the trial for bribery of Stormy Daniels

Police deployment before the start of the trial of Donald Trump for the payment of money to actress Stormy Daniels – Europa Press/Contact/Niyi Fote


Former US President Donald Trump has denounced that the trial that begins this Monday against him for bribery of former actress Steffany Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, is part of a “political persecution” against him, for which he directly blames the Administration of Joe Biden.

“It is a case that should never have been opened,” he stated in a brief appearance before the media upon his arrival at the New York court where the first criminal trial against a former tenant of the White House begins this Monday, in the midst of a widespread political and media expectation.

Trump, who barring any surprises will once again represent the Republican Party in the November presidential elections, feels like a victim of “an assault against the United States” and has even shown himself to be “proud” to sit on the bench, NBC News reports.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Trump of 34 crimes for alleged document falsification, within a plot with which he would have tried to hide the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels to buy her silence and not talk about an alleged extramarital relationship before the 2016 elections. The magnate justified this payment as part of his legal expenses.

The hearings will last, in principle, between six and eight weeks, and will begin with the election of the 12 people who will sit as jurors and another six substitutes. The mere selection of the jury already seems complicated, given the relevance of the character, and could be delayed for more than a week.

The former president’s lawyers tried in vain to postpone the start of this trial, the first of several that Trump has pending. The former president must still answer, among other issues, for his efforts to try to reverse the results of the 2020 elections, in which Biden won.

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