TROUVER launches the Solo 10 cordless vacuum cleaner in Europe

BEIJING, Feb.3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TROUVER, a young new brand in Xiaomi’s eco-chain focused on performance, trend design and quality, is pleased to announce that its lightweight and powerful Solo 10 cordless vacuum cleaner is coming to Europe during this time of “teleworking” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With its powerful suction and long battery life housed in its sleek minimalist design, TROUVER Solo 10 is designed for those looking for a simple and affordable solution that packs excellent performance on most types of surfaces in a home. []

Powerful cleaning solution

The battery-powered TROUVER Solo 10 offers performance that rivals most traditional corded vacuum cleaners. Its leading household cleaning solution is made possible by an AERO3.0 digital motor that is capable of generating 18,000 Pa suction with a rotational speed of up to 80,000 RPM while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. Beyond its robust pickup performance, this device stands out for its high-capacity 6-core 2000mAh battery that can guarantee up to 48 minutes of suction without shutting down and allow the cleaning of the entire house on a single charge.

TROUVER Solo 10 was the result of international aerospace engineers and designers working together to achieve a greater balance between efficiency, service, as well as aesthetics suitable for families. Solo 10 allows users to clean different surfaces with three electrical modes to optimize battery life. Additionally, the device can be effortlessly transformed into portable and certified modes equipped with a range of accessories that help users clean various surfaces, such as the cloth brush and crevice tool.

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TROUVER continues to improve features and design aspects to make cleaning the home more comfortable. The LED color display on the vacuum cleaner shows the remaining uptime, selected power mode and error reporting. Weighing just 1.4 kilos, this device can be used with one hand. Another key feature is the contactless dust disposal solution that allows users to release dust into the bin with a single click, eliminating the hassle of removing and emptying the bin after cleaning the house.

“Compact yet strong, TROUVER Solo 10 is another bold extension of our brand with an innovative home cleaning solution that includes aesthetic design without compromising performance and utility,” explained Weisheng Zhang, CEO of TROUVER. “The launch of this device in Europe will also mark a milestone for us offering a best-in-class cleaning experience to global customers, as we bring more innovative designs to global markets in the future,” he added.

Chosen by British Butler’s Guild, an industry leader in high-class cleaning service, TROUVER meets stringent cleaning needs as one of Xiaomi’s supply chain forces with powerful technology products designed for a new generation of customers. Applied with aviation-grade technology created by a 300-employee R&D team made up of aerospace engineers, TROUVER’s products are empowered by proprietary technology in numerous fields including high-level engines, robotics, aerodynamics, noise reduction, and more.

Acerca to FIND

TROUVER belongs to an important leading company in the Xiaomi ecological chain – Dreame Technology. A pioneer in technology, industrial design, art and fashion crossover, as well as a supply chain matrix, TROUVER is committed to creating next-level products that combine powerful core technology for youth.

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