Junqueras loves Spain and loves love. By Luis Miguel Fuentes

Junqueras wants to get him out of jail because he loves everyone, loves Spain, loves life and loves love, like Julio Iglesias when he put those little snouts to drink from a bottle of wine, homeland and marmosets. The other day I was wrong, Junqueras did not come out of jail hardened like a salted galley, like a Sean Connery unchained, not even as the father of Pipi Longstocking returning from a captivity of parrots and bongos. The prison has made Junqueras even more meatballs, it looks like a puffer fish without poison, already on the plate, turned sideways towards the soft sweetness of sweet potatoes. He no longer wants to be a martyr, but to be let out. Before the referendum, he asked for amnesty. Before the republic, it wants the brisilla. So are these brave partisans who went with lunch to the revolution.

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