Triathlete Liepa had a great start in the European Cup for juniors



Artūrs Liepa | Photo: LTF

Latvian triathlete Artūrs Liepa won a convincing victory in the super junior stage of the European Junior Cup in Panevėžys, Lithuania on Sunday, informs the Latvian Triathlon Federation (LTF).

Liepa already finished swimming with a second advantage over the competitors, then cycling and running alone. The Latvian was also the fastest in the cycling stage, but ran for the fourth time and reached the finish in exactly 28 minutes. Second place winner Jan Hšanovski from Poland was overtaken by 25 seconds, while bronze was won by Gregor Rasva from Estonia, who was 31 seconds behind. Two weeks ago, Liepa won the European Junior Cup in Turkey, but a year ago he was also the best in such competitions in Ukraine.

On Sunday, Miks Meijers won the 19th place among Latvian athletes, who lost three minutes to the four-year-old Liepaja, while Francis Daniels Veģeris took the 25th place, Armands Petaško was in the 26th position, and Andrians Bulko and Aleksejs Laidnieks were among the 29 finishing participants this time. in the last two positions. Among juniors, Beāte Bula won the 12th place, which showed the fastest time in the cycling sector and after that was in the leader group, while Elza Šipkova and Darya Beleviča were in the 23rd and 24th positions among the 26 finishing athletes, respectively. Athletes from the clubs “Daugavpils Triathlon Center”, “Energy Racing Team”, “Triathlon Academy”, “Baltic Triathlon Club” and “Trikan” went to the European Cup stage. At the same time, the Lithuanian sprint triathlon championship took place in Panevėžys, where the third place was won by Baiba Medne, and the fourth place was won by Kristiāna Moscow, with both of them winning the first two places in the running stage.

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Next week, the European Championship is expected in the Polish city of Olsztyn, with the participation of Artūrs Liepa, Artjoms Gajevskis, Baiba Medne, Kristiāna Moscow and Francis Veģeris from Latvia. Aivars Uzols and Māris Liepa have applied for AGE or senior competitions. After that, Artūrs Lieps will start in the elite group in the European Cup in the city of Rzeszów, Poland, and Kristiāna Moscow will go to the competition in the Portuguese city of Coimbra in the beginning of June. The next significant domestic competition is scheduled for June 4, when the Daugavpils Triathlon is expected, which will also be the Latvian Super Sprint Championship.

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