Big wedding in PNL. The spokesman married Marcel Vela’s daughter

The party, which took place in a luxury venue in Caransebeș, was attended by over 500 guests, including many politicians. PNL spokesperson and Andra Pleşa have been together for almost 2 years, and the marriage was planned for a long time, only the Covid pandemic delayed their wedding plans.

“The party was very, very beautiful. I had some emotions, but it turned out well. The emotions were with the organization of the party, it was the most demanding thing. But I’m glad that in the end it all came out right, that it was special. There were a lot of people from abroad, from abroad, I had emotions that I knew they had come to a special event and I wanted everything to be perfect “, confessed Ionuț Stroe, for Fanatik.

The atmosphere was maintained by well-known artists such as Delia and Direction 5.

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