Transparent screens from LG surprise in subway in China

55-inch transparent screens with information on the location of the stations and train schedules are those that began to be installed by the Korean manufacturer LG in the wagons of metro from the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shenzhen.

LG’s first transparent OLED panels also provide passengers on lines 6 in Beijing and 10 in Shenzhen with information on flights, weather and news, among other real-time background.

The company announced that it plans to expand the supply of transparent OLEDs to the metro in the main regions of China, for which it will work together with the train companies.

Transparent displays have long been a prototype primarily displayed at trade shows. However, LG screens are one of the first concrete applications for everyday use.

According to LG, transparent OLEDs have the advantage of maximizing the optical transmittance, so they don’t need a backlight.

LG Display

The company stated that this technology is generating great interest in various fields, such as smart home and building designers, as well as manufacturers of autonomous vehicles, planes and meters.

“The use of transparent screens will be more diverse. LG Display will supply the products required by various industries to become a leader in display solutions, ”said Chang-ho Oh, vice president of LG Display’s TV division.

LG’s announcement adds to the recent reveal of the first transparent TV 55-inch machine from Chinese manufacturer Xiamoi, which began to be sold for $ 7,200.

Global consulting firm Prescient & Strategic Intelligence estimates that the transparent display market will register a high growth rate of 46 percent in 2024.

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