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Violence displaces more than eight thousand people during 2019

by world today news

During 2019 at least 8,664 people were displaced from the place where they lived due to various situations of violence, the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH) revealed this Thursday morning.

Through its report Episodes of Massive Forced Internal Displacement in Mexico, the social organization indicated that forced displacements occurred in 61 localities in 27 municipalities, where people had to leave their homes due to situations of violence.

Guerrero, with 5,128 displaced people, was the entity where this problem occurred the most, followed by Oaxaca with 1,171 affected; Michoacán with 704; Chiapas with 668; Sinaloa with 339; Chihuahua with 300; Durango with 260, and Tamaulipas with 140.

The violence generated by organized armed groups caused at least 16 episodes of mass mobilizations, in which 6,925 people were affected.

There was also 11 episodes of displacement due to political violence, social conflict and territorial conflictss in which 1,658 people were affected. There was also an episode of mobilization for human rights violations that affected 81 people.

These displacements originated from violent attacks, confrontations, fear of violence from criminal organizations, expulsions and / or threats, illegal deprivation of liberty and / or crimes against life and physical integrity.

Regarding the consequences of this phenomenon, the CMDPDH explained in its report: “Forced displacement and the acts of violence that trigger it can generate multiple immediate effects, such as loss of heritage and livelihoods, impacts on physical health and psychoemotional, the loss of access to basic services, the separation of families, the breakdown of community ties, among others”.

Although the number of displaced persons has apparently decreased since 2016, when more than 23,000 displaced persons were counted, the CMDPDH criticized that the Mexican government it still cannot guarantee security conditions and respect for human rights so that the population can live in peace.

“The information registered and analyzed by the CMDPDH in 2019, as well as that of previous years, shows a worrying panorama: high levels of violence, conflicts without resolutions, regions and areas of the country where violence is constant, entire communities in a situation of displacement protracted with no prospect of finding a lasting solution and people who, persecuted by violence, are forced to displace again and again, “the report said.



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