Transmart 20% Discount Every Day! Muscat Grapes Drop Prices


Transmart has a 20% discount every day providing promos for daily needs. Discounts are valid at all Transmart outlets from the time the shop opens until it ends at 22.00 or 10 at night.

One of the discounts is Muscat Wine. The promo price for Muscat Wine is IDR 6,990 per 100 grams.

Then loyal customers can get an additional 20% discount if transactions use Allo Prime, Allo Paylater, and Bank Mega credit cards or Bank Mega Syariah credit. So, the price is IDR 5,592 per 100 grams

The 20% daily discount only applies to direct purchases at Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia. Starting from opening to closing the shop.

This promo can be obtained if you make payments using Allo Prime, Allo Paylater, Bank Mega Credit Card or Bank Mega Syariah.

For those who don’t have a Bank Mega Credit Card, there’s no need to worry. There are instant opening units available at Cibubur and Central Park outlets.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t have Allo Prime, just download the Allo Bank application on PlayStore or AppStore. Stay click this linkdownload, and upgrade to Allo Prime.

Immediately come to the nearest Transmart, don’t run out!


2023-12-04 14:15:05
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