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Kita Tscharnergut: renovation completed

The renovation work on the building shell of the Tscharnergut daycare center, which has been ongoing since July 2023, has been completed. The new outer shell now complies with the Minergie-Eco standard for renovations. This was achieved, among other things, through new triple-glazed wood-metal windows and a curtain facade construction with thermal insulation and cladding made of fiber cement panels. This also gives the building a new appearance. The flat roofs were rebuilt, also thermally insulated and extensively planted. A photovoltaic system was built on the roof of the daycare building, and a photovoltaic system was also installed on the roof of the kindergarten building by students from Schwabgut elementary school as part of a youth solar project. In September 2022, the city council approved a loan of 3.3 million francs for the renovation. This is adhered to. The children of the daycare center were housed in the Gäbelbach school building during the renovation and are now back in “their” daycare center Tscharnergut.

2023-12-04 21:32:31
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