TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli angry after a terrible tragedy in New York!

On a trip to New York, Kelly Vedovelli witnessed an unbearable scene on the streets of the Big Apple. Find out what pissed her off…

Kelly Vedovelli is pissed. On vacation in New York, the TPMP columnist witnessed an unbearable scene in the middle of the street. That of a mistreated horse in the middle of a heat wave. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kelly Vedovelli witnesses a shocking scene in New York

While the start of the school year is slowly preparing, Kelly Vedovelli is still on vacation. The pretty blonde they say currently close to Cyril Hanouna take advantage of these rest days to travel.

After visiting Portugal, the young woman decided to settling down for a few days in New York. A dream destination for many, finally on paper…

Because the reality can sometimes be quite different. Indeed, the beauty is very sensitive to the animal cause. That who has finally launched on TikTok owns a small Yorkshire that she takes everywhere with her.

And when she witnesses abuse, her blood just turns! As she strolled through the streets of the Big Apple, the TPMP columnist witnessed a terrible scene.

That of a horse on the ground, exhausted by the heat and the heat wave. The mount was hitched to a cart that he pulled to take the tourists around.

Worn out by the workload, the horse literally collapsed to the ground. But instead of helping him, his owner visibly attacked him.

The man forced him to stand up by kicking him. A barely believable scene, which occurred in the middle of New York and that Kelly Vedovelli was quick to relay on social networks.

On Instagram, the TPMP columnist relayed a video that shows all the horror of the scene. New York City. A video appears when the horse died due to the heat wave« she explains in the comments.

TPMP Kelly Vedovelli angry after a terrible tragedy in New York!

TPMP Kelly Vedovelli angry after a terrible tragedy in New York!

South Cap Los Angeles

She continues: « the owner repeatedly whips the horse to try to get it back on its feet”adds the young woman totally shocked.

One thing is certain, because of this, Kelly Vedovelli will probably not keep a very good memory of New York. Maybe the city of Los Angeles will have better surprises in store for him?

It is in any case towards the city of Angels that the pretty blonde has decided to set sail to finish her American trip before returning to France.

The California city will be the last to be visited by the columnist before the start of the school year strikes. And to be honest, the young woman has rather can’t wait to get back to work in TPMP.

The beauty is attack for a whole new season. Nevertheless, she will have to expect to be a little cooked at the start of the school year by her little comrades about her relations with Cyril Hanouna.

The press has extensively relayed their rather close relations this summer. The hour of accounts should therefore soon ring for Baba and his columnist who for the moment prefer to let the mystery hover.

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