Annual collection of the Argentine Red Cross

August 14, 2022 – 08:58

For the first time in its history, the Argentine Red Cross will carry out a national collection to strengthen the humanitarian actions of the volunteers of its different branches throughout the country.

“The collection is from August 16 to 23, but the annual attention will be on the 19th, which is the day of humanitarian aid, the idea is to strengthen this date and the capacities that the subsidiaries have to contribute to our mission,” he said. in TVA San Rafael Cecilia Espósito, from the branch of that department in the southern province.

On how to donate, the woman explained that “Those who want to donate can do so through a QR code that will be in various businesses in San Rafael or on social networks, they can also donate through the Red Cross page; the donation channels are already open and in San Rafael”.

In the case of companies that want to donate amounts greater than 10,000 pesos, Espósito pointed out that “You can call 4421079, there they will give you the account number to transfer.”

A From 250 pesos you can make any type of donation. “This campaign will allow us affiliates to be beneficiaries to work on programs or actions. Those interested in donating can go to the website and do so”, she added.

The contributions

According to information from the organization, the contributions are intended for the organization to continue carrying out actions such as: water and sanitation awareness activities in primary schools in the department, road safety interventions in the street and secondary schools, voluntary donor campaigns of blood, training of health professionals, first aid courses and coverage of socio-cultural and sporting events, among many other tasks.


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