Tourism: The precariousness of hotel musicians reaches the Parliament of the Canary Islands | Radio Club Tenerife | Hour 25 Canary Islands

The precariousness of hotel musicians in the Canary Islands is already a matter of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. After the complaints from UGT and CC.OO. on the situation of abuse suffered by professionals, the Socialist Party has registered this Thursday a Proposal not of law with which they want to continue advancing in the normalization of the labor relations of these professionals in the Archipelago.

In the document, which is presented at the request of the deputy Pino González and where it is put as an example of the precarious situation the payroll of three euros unveiled by the SER string that was charged by one of these professionals, it is specified that “the absence of labor regulation through a collective agreement, the high temporality of their contracts, the offers of activities and the lack of respect for freedom of association […] they have prevented workers from having decent working conditions. “

According to this writing, the Canarian PSOE asks through the Canary Islands Parliament that “through the Canarian Council of Labor Relations the negotiation of a regional Collective Agreement is promoted, a specific inspection campaign and urge the Ministry of Labor to take into account the specific situation of these professionals during the Covid19 crisis “.

The deputy Pino González (PSOE) has assured in statements to La SER that “It is not understood how the situation has been able to reach these extremes, with payrolls of three euros and without respect for working conditions. “In addition, González has shown a certain degree of optimism” because there is understanding to convene the table of the Canary Island Council of Labor Relations and that this collective agreement begins to walk: I want to think that the solution is closer than it may seem“.

In UGT they have celebrated this movement what do you consider “a leap in quality that directs us in the right direction to solve the problem of artists and musicians“. It is the first assessment of your union representative, Vicente Garcia, who receives the steps forward with joy “because almost no one respects the regulation in this regard; the norm is relaxed and the sense of responsibility towards the employee is atrophied “.

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