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Toulouse Volleyball: Young Talent Shines in Coupe de France Victory and Challenging Tour of France Schedule


Saint-Nazaire, Tours, Montpellier, a return home against Chaumont, and Montpellier again in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France: in two and a half weeks, the Spacer’s are offered a nice tour of France of volleyball and especially a hell of a sequence!

As it turns out, Toulouse got off to a very good start, with a success on Tuesday January 21 in the Coupe de France at Saint-Nazaire (2-3). Although they were off to a bad start, being down 2-0, their salvation came from their youth, with Nathan Feral, established at the forefront, and Alexandre Bouchez, called to the rescue during the second set. The first scored 25 points, the second 20 and finished MVP of the match.

“We didn’t produce the game we usually produce during the first two sets. But psychologically, we held on, explains on Spacer’s Nathan Feral website. Alex was very strong. He assured. He served really well too. So, we qualified with a lot of emotion. »

“A very educational club”

Both aged 20, Feral and Bouchez are part of the purest Toulouse tradition which Marcelo Fronckowiak, the coach of Tours VB, does not fail to salute, a few hours before welcoming Toulouse to Grenon. “It’s a very educational club, which always reveals young hopes of French volleyball. We also experienced it in Tours, with Antoine Pothron or, before him, Pierre Derouillon. Once again, they have young players and we see in this Coupe de France match two boys who come off the sidelines and decide the match. »

The fact remains that in the championship Toulouse is marking time at the start of the year. Despite three home games, Spacer’s only picked up four points in January. Their capital accumulated this fall has therefore dried up, to the point of seeing Montpellier and Tours get closer in the ranking, and even drop it last weekend…

An unfavorable record against the top 8

Down to 7th place, the Toulouse residents are therefore playing big during this fortnight. And in particular against Tours if they do not want to see themselves dropped… For the moment, against the top 8, Patrick Duflos’ players display a largely unbalanced record, with only three successes – including that against Tours at the start of the season – for six losses.

But the people of Tourange will certainly not stop at this assessment. The performance in Saint-Nazaire at the start of the week illustrates the value of this team. Its narrow lapel, between parties, in Chaumont too. This time, it was the typical team, with Chirivino at the pass, Winkelmuller at the point, Krage and Nack-Minyem at the center, Picard and Hervoir as receivers-attackers and Santucci as libero, who had tied a few knots at the head of Chaumontais who only came out 17-15 in the tie-break…

This Saturday, January 27, at 7 p.m., Grenon room.

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