Toulouse. The gastro is here, the flu is coming

General practitioners’ offices have seen many patients in recent days due to gastroenteritis. “Especially children,” confirms Dr. Jean-Louis Bensoussan, secretary general of the MG France union and vice-president of the Regional Union of Health Professionals (URPS) in Occitania. “Adults are also affected but we see them less because a gastro gastric system is usually regulated in 24 to 36 hours. But parents bring children to consultation because of fever and the risk of dehydration. Antivomitives are not recommended, we remind them some dietary rules (avoid dairy products, fruit), encourage them to make children drink well and monitor their temperature, “continues the doctor.

Strike on Saturday morning

On the flu front, the first positive samples sign the pre-epidemic phase. “At the end of the holidays, if the virus is still there, it will spread, especially through schools,” says Dr Jean-Louis Bensoussan. Is vaccination therefore still useful? “Logically, it’s a bit late. But we can still do it, especially for pregnant women, the frail and those around them,” said the doctor.

As for medical offices, the generalists of the MG France union have continued their strike movement with closure on Saturday mornings since December 14. “We ask the government to accept that the 8 am to 12 pm part of Saturday morning enters the organization of the permanence of care. Today, too few offices are open, the regulators of Samu cannot find any more doctors on duty on Saturday morning and patients find themselves in the emergency room when they should not be going there. We must therefore organize ourselves as for Sundays and public holidays “, concludes Jean-Louis Bensoussan.

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