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Top Tips for Navigating Mercury Retrograde: Aries to Pisces Astrology Forecast

Mercury continues its retrograde motion.


Be careful when meeting business partners you don’t know. Do not be active in making joint decisions. Let them talk more and try to expose their weaknesses. Expect difficulties and misunderstandings. Businessmen should not be tempted by offers to merge their businesses. Make important, long-delayed business decisions. The day is ideal for harmonizing the relationship with the marriage partner, but you should not be too insistent on clarifying your relationship. In the evening, create a romantic atmosphere to predispose your loved one to sexual pleasures.


Don’t let the problems that arise distract you from your main task. Be careful and responsible. Take care of your duties. Difficulties will make it impossible to communicate with your colleagues because you are intransigent. Events around you will have an impact on your work. Do not cheat if you are married, nice ladies or if you are in a serious relationship. In the evening, indulge in intimate moments with your loved ones.


Postpone travel and business meetings. Any attempt to outdo yourself can hurt you because of mistakes made. Work hard to avoid them. Before jumping to conclusions, analyze your actions. You will have to make important decisions. In the evening, experience pleasant moments at home. The faster you get home to your loved one, the greater the guarantee that you will indulge your feelings. You are offended by your intimate partner that your sex life does not meet your wishes. Look for the reason to feel happy.


Your stability will reflect well on your relationships with your colleagues. You can discuss the new projects you have in mind again today. Determine the date on which you will place their beginning. You will be able to achieve your goals for the day. New pursuits will not be successful if your colleagues do not agree to support you. Don’t be late if you want to indulge your feelings and intimate moments with your loved ones. Prepare a pleasant surprise, a romantic setting and surround your intimate partner with love to indulge in fulfilling sex.


Be wary of your new acquaintances. Some of them will push hard for information about your personal and professional life and try to discredit you in order to take your place. Do not take risks in the workplace, because you are at risk of mistakes due to waste. Personal relationships are problematic again, because instead of being alone with your loved ones, you have invited friends over. Do not expect understanding from your intimate partner, nor an intention to indulge in sexual pleasures that are not mutually desired.


Expand your business contacts. Expect useful acquaintances. Renewing old acquaintances will give you a new opportunity to make a professional appearance, but be careful and assess whether people have changed. In the afternoon, an unexpected heated dispute at work is possible, in which it is not good to take part. If you have decided to look for the right partner for a romantic relationship today, you are out of luck. Romantic dating will disappoint you. Despite your reluctance to constantly prove your feelings, do it today to experience unforgettable sexual moments.


Because of the worries that your relatives give you, you will be in a bad mood in the morning. You lack the desire to work, but you are obliged to show responsibility. Tackle your tasks at work. Avoid mistakes that will be difficult to correct. Your loved ones are annoyed by your absence until late at night. Pay attention to your family. Don’t rush to sleep, despite the tiredness, and get the sexual pleasures you need to unwind.


The day is tense and filled with your personal and professional difficulties. However, opportunities for profit are emerging. Don’t waste them. Be wary of your new acquaintances. Don’t trust them right away. Don’t overdo your activity. I do not recommend you to change your workplace and look for additional work. In the evening, you have no desire to meet with your loved ones. However, do not forget them, especially if your goal is to start a family. Love and sex are the best antidote to the tension of the day gone by.


You are not set up for active work. However, finish the started tasks and have the urgent conversations and meetings. Stay at home in the evening. Don’t rely on your luck. In the workplace, protect yourself from conflicts caused by your impulsiveness. Postpone business meetings and conversations. Don’t plan trips. A romantic meeting awaits you today, but there is a danger of ruining the pleasant moments. It is better to give up the intentions of sexual experiences.


Fulfill your desire to achieve your dream goals. Stay tuned for new offers. The ventures are successful, but they cause you problems in personal relationships. Be careful and cautiously start implementing them in the early afternoon. Do not fight with your colleagues, but calmly explain to them where their shortcomings are. Do not rely on new love victories that are apparent and will soon prove disappointing. Married women should not cheat. If you have broken up with your intimate partners, give up impulsive sex and wait to fall in love again, maybe today.


Since the morning, it is difficult for you to cope with your tasks. It’s up to you to stay out of trouble. Be careful. The cause of your business problems lies in your rashness and thoughtless talk. Apologize if you hurt a colleague. You are not confident in yourself and find it difficult to make important decisions, so leave this task for another day. The interference of your friends in your personal relationships will lead to separation from the intimate partner, if you allow this. You don’t need to share everything about your sex life with your friends who are just waiting to hurt you, even though they show a good attitude.


Be cautious when talking to your acquaintances if they are related to future joint business activities. Your enemies are doing everything they can to ruin you, especially now. Do not share your plans to avoid financial losses. Rely on your intuition and judge whether you have gone in the wrong direction. If so, change it quickly. Dear ladies, get ready for complications in your personal life. Do not react painfully to critical remarks about you made by your loved ones. Indulge in pleasant romantic moments and sexual pleasures with your intimate partner.

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