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Top News Stories in Korean Entertainment Industry: Conflict Between HYBE and ADOR, Singer Park Boram’s Tragic Death, Romance Rumors of Kazuha & K, Song Kang Joins Army, TWICE Chaeyoung & Zion.T’s Love Affair

Photo = HYBE, ADOR

In April, several events happened, from the conflict between HYBE and ADOR’s producer Min Hee-jin, to the sudden news of his death, to a love affair with a super idol.

What is the most read article on Kstyle? Let’s take a look back at the Korean entertainment industry through the “April Article Ranking” article.

[Àireamh 1]HYBE accuses CEO Min Hee-jin of ADOR and demands his resignation


# April 22, 2024 ADOR complains that ILLIT is “a copy of New Jeans”

HYBE has accused ADOR representative Min Hee-jin of having evidence of an attempt to be independent. Min Hee Jin denies this and claims that ILLIT BELIFT LAB copied New Jeans. In addition, HYBE held an emergency press conference and revealed various backgrounds and expressed regret, such as how HYBE promised to introduce New Jeans as HYBE’s first girl group, but did not they had followed through on that promise. The claims of both sides are still against each other, and the case is attracting the attention of music fans.

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]Conflict with HYBE…ADOR’s official comment: “ILLIT is a copycat of New Jeans”

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin again opposes HYBE’s claims, “I will do my best for New Jeans activities”

[2na àite]Singer Park Boram dies at the young age of 30

Photo = Jenna Dou Entertainment

# April 12, 2024 Voices of grief over sudden death

Singer Park Boram died at the young age of 30. While he was drinking alcohol at a friend’s house, he was found collapsed in front of the toilet, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. An autopsy also revealed no signs of murder. This year marks the 10th anniversary of his first tour, and the news of his death, which came while he was preparing for a new album, has received many expressions of sadness. She appeared on the Mnet audition program “SUPER STAR K2”. He also attracted attention for his successful weight loss of 30 kg.

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]Singer Park Boram dies… Active in “SUPER STAR K2” He died at the age of 30

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]Park Bo-ram’s “sudden death” continues to shock the entertainment industry… Colleagues including Heo Gak, who was close to her, at the funeral home

[3mh àite]BY SSERAFIM Kazuha, & TEAM’s K Bunshunpo

Photo=Newsen DB

#April 3, 2024 HYBE denies date

Shukan Bunshun reported the romance rumors between LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha and & TEAM’s K, which caught the attention of K-Pop fans. The article said that the two started dating in the summer of 2022, and that they broke up last summer after HYBE found out about their relationship, and that they got got back together around last fall. Along with this, photos of the two visiting the upscale Yaakiniku restaurant in Ginza were also released. However, HYBE denied that the relationship is not real.

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]WITH SSERAFIM Kazuha, & TEAM’s K and Bunshun suddenly… HYBE denies going

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]BY SSERAFIM Kazuha secretly meets a handsome idol in Japan?Love report from Bunshun

[4mh àite]Song Kang finally joins the army

Photo = Song Kang Instagram

# April 2, 2024 It is said that he is too handsome even with a shaved head.

On April 2, Song Kang joined the army as an active soldier. On the day he submitted it, he showed a shaved head on NHS with the statement, “Good luck!!! I’m leaving!!!” His look became a hot topic, with people saying he was “handsome even with a shaved head.” After joining the army, he appeared on Mnet’s “I-LAND2” as a storyteller. Also, on the website of the Army Training Center, a picture of him sweating in his army uniform was released, much to the delight of his fans.

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]Song Kang goes to the army today… He shows off his shaved head on Instagram

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]Find out Song Kang’s recent status when he enlists!Welcome in a dignified military uniform

[5mh àite]TWICE Chaeyoung & Zion.T admit their love affair


# April 5, 2024 Twins with a 10-year age difference are born.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T are in love. A media outlet said that the two first met through an acquaintance, developed into a romantic relationship, and have been dating for six months. After this, both groups confirmed their relationship. After officially acknowledging their relationship, Zion.T’s past statements about love and marriage, as well as Chaeyoung’s good nature, once again attracted attention.

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]TWICE Chaeyoung & Zion.T Admit They Are Dating…Report On 6 Months Of Dating

[Artaigil co-cheangailte]TWICE Chaeyoung & Zion. T, twins with a 10-year age difference were born … do they match your favorite type? Past statements are a hot topic

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