Top Chef objective: a candidate from Chartres in the daily show of M6


–>Gabriel Lefevre lives in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).  He participates in the program Objectif Top Chef, on M6, broadcast from this evening, Monday, October 12, 2020.

Gabriel Lefevre lives in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir). He participates in the program Objectif Top Chef, on M6, broadcast from this evening, Monday, October 12, 2020. (© Facebook screenshot – M6)

The daily show of M6 Top Chef objective starts again today, Monday, October 12, 2020, from 6:40 p.m.

The shooting of the season 6 took place this summer, in Gironde, near Bordeaux. Philippe Etchebest receives there apprentice cooks who compete around several cooking events. The winner of the show can then join the cast of the show Top chef.

Gabriel Lefevre, a resident of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), participated in this program. The young 18-year-old cook is in the second year of BP (Professional Brevet), at the CFA of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).

For four years, he has also been part of the restaurant’s brigade L ‘Amphitryon – Le Bœuf Couronné, in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).

Chief Etchebest: “It’s somebody”!

Gabriel learns that the show’s production company, Studio 89, is looking for candidates, “it was a challenge for me”, explains the passionate cook.

During confinement, in mars 2020, Gabriel is selected to participate in Top Chef objective. He must create a dish. “It was a rack of lamb with a pepper that contained an orange blossom flan, accompanied by a black garlic and Port sauce”.

Filming takes place in june 2020. “It was very fast, I passed at the same time as three other candidates,” recalls Gabriel.

The opportunity for him to meet the chef Philippe Etchebest.

“He’s someone. He’s imposing, looking for you. I loved the chef, super cool and very kind.”

GabrielCandidate for the program Objectif Top Chef

A moving surprise for Philippe Etchebest

In a video broadcast on Facebook this morning, Monday 12 October 2020, a few hours before the launch of the new season, Gabriel finds by surprise his mother, which moves the chef.

When chef Philippe Etchebest is moved by the reunion between a candidate and his mother 🥰📺 Top Chef objective, from Monday to Friday at 18.40

Published by M6 sure Monday 12 October 2020

Gabriel goes behind the scenes of this sequence:

“I admit that I was a little surprised. In fact, I was asked to come accompanied by someone, I had chosen my big brother, the one who made me want to get started in the kitchen. Finally, the production told me to come alone, it was weird. Then, I understood that they wanted to play on the moving effect with my mother, who lives far away. ”

GabrielParticipant in the program Objectif Top Chef

The young cook did not expect the shoot to take the turn of a reality show. “I’m not like that, moved, in real life, I’m speed, very happy, there, when you see the edited images”.

Gabriel Lefevre does not yet know when his time in Top Chef objective will be broadcast.

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