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TOP 19 Curve Ball 2021: two athletes in the OD houses

Throughout the month of December, we present to you the 30 most popular articles this year on Balle Courbe.

Until New Year’s Eve, it’s a way to end the year on a high note. Kind of an advent calendar with lots of sport, no chocolate, but great memories.

Today, we revisit the setbacks of the Maple Leafs and the reaction of their fans.

Here is the full article, online September 20, 2021.

OD before fame

That’s it, we now know the participants of this season ofDouble Occupation in the West broadcast on Noovo airwaves.

Among the young men and women who will try to find love (and win all the prizes that go with it), there are two top athletes.

So here are Amélie Henry and Stevens Dorcelus.

Amelia Henry

Amélie Henry, 23, has been practicing taekwondo all her life until last March. If you look at all the photos in this Instagram post, you will see that she has won a plethora of medals and trophies.

Searching his Instagram account, we realize that she has a passion for sport in general.

Stevens Dorcelus

Stevens Dorcelus is an athlete who specializes in the long jump. His listing on the Canadian Olympic site says he captured silver in the long jump and 4 × 100-meter relay at the 2013 Canada Games.

In 2017 he succeeded longest jump of his career with a mark of 7.84 meters at a competition in Winnipeg.

Will Amélie Henry and Stevens Dorcelus beat the other Double Occupation contenders in the West? This is what we will find out in the coming weeks!

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