93-year-old grandmother became an Instagram star

Photo: instagram.com/baddiewinkle

Helen Elam

The long-liver does not hesitate to show herself in the most revealing images and colorful outfits. About three and a half million users have subscribed to her page.

The owner of a small farm, Helen Elam, at 93, became a famous blogger. She posts bold Instagram posts in bold imagery.

In addition, the grandmother advocates the legalization of medical cannabis and supports the fight against the toxic manifestations of the beauty industry.

Elam became a blogger thanks to her great-granddaughter, who posted a snapshot of her great-grandmother in shorts and a bright T-shirt on Instagram. The photo became very popular and Helen decided to create a Baddie Winkle page.

It is also known that in 2015 Elam became the face of the Grit Creative Group. She reproduced the iconic images of Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss and others. I managed to walk the red carpet at the premiere of the series Orange is the hit of the season next to Miley Cyrus attended MTV Video Music Awards and starred in Fergie’s music video – Life Goes On.

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